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The Benefits of OsteopathyA benefit of osteopathy is the ability of osteopaths to treat pain that you experience in a way that considers you as a person and your body as a whole. Osteopathic treatment can be used to effectively reduce and cure pain that you experience in a number of different areas of your body. Like our other professions, our Osteopaths at Physio & More work as part of the wider team to ensure that you get the very best treatment for your injury that is available.Osteopathy KingstonReducing Discomfort from Chronic IllnessAn additional benefit of osteopathic treatment may be experienced if you suffer from a chronic illness (such as asthma, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) etc.) An osteopath may be able to treat you to alleviate your symptoms, even if they are unable to cure the disease itself. This is a massive benefit if your illness causes you to have numerous symptoms that prevent you from carrying out your hobbies or reduce your quality of life.Prevention

If you have just recovered from an injury or acute condition then osteopathy may be used to reduce the likelihood of your problem reoccurring. For example, if you have just recovered from a period of knee pain, your osteopath will be able to work to strengthen the structures that support your knee and retain the mobility in your joint. This will prevent you from injuring your knee in a similar way. Equally, if you have never had an injury, but have a hobby or lifestyle that puts you at risk, then osteopathic treatment may benefit you by preventing an injury. A common example of this is if you drive for long periods of time then your osteopath may be able to treat your body in a way that prevents you from developing pain in your back.


Osteopathic treatment may bring you added benefits as it could give you time just to think about yourself and your body. You may find your consultations relaxing and osteopathy is believed to reduce stress levels by increasing the efficiency of your body’s systems.

At Physio & More all our Osteopaths are regsitered with the General Ostopathic Council who regulate and set standards for the profession.


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We are often asked ‘what do I wear for treatment?’ so here are some suggestions

For women:

If you have neck, upper back, shoulder, elbow or hand problems please bring a t-shirt.

If you have lower back pain, please bring shorts and a t-shirt.

If you have hip, knee, ankle or foot problems please bring shorts.

For men:

If you have lower back, hip, knee ankle or foot problems please bring shorts.

If you would like to learn more about the General Osteopathic Council which regulates Osteopaths and sets professional standards please click on the logo below.



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