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Angela Akakios- Senior Physiotherapist

I completed my Physiotherapy degree in South Africa and since then I have gained over 15 years of work experience in the state, private and corporate environments. In the hospital setting, I treated patients in ICU and High Care, with orthopaedic, spinal, and cardiopulmonary conditions, as well as paediatrics and patients with cancer. I valued working together with a holistic team of healthcare professionals daily to ensure the optimum recovery of the patients who were admitted. I attended regular surgical procedures and worked closely with the surgeons to develop detailed and personalised protocols for their patients.

Most of my experience has been in out-patient practice and comprised of mainly spinal and sports conditions, as well as rehabilitation and management through Pilates, core strengthening and postural rehabilitation. I firmly believe in continuously correcting postural weaknesses to allow the body to function in its optimal form, thereby avoiding recurring injury and pain. I was the director of my own Physiotherapy practice which saw many local sportspeople coming into the practice for treatment. I have worked extensively with runners, cyclists, triathletes, and others to help them achieve their personal best in their respective sport.

I have attained specialisations in Women’s Health and Small Animal Physiotherapy and was the onsite filming Physiotherapist for South Africa’s television productions “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Strictly Come Dancing” for a few years running. Working in these varied and complex areas was challenging and very rewarding and helped me to develop a sense of how to get the results I want quickly and ensure my patients could achieve their goals.

I am, by nature, a very warm and empathetic therapist. I am also aggressive in my approach to treatment and like to get the best out of every session by targeting not only the areas of concern, but the indirectly affected areas, as well as any biomechanical factors that might be contributing to my patient’s problem. I like to work together with my patients to help them be at their best and helping to improve the lives of others daily is what drives me. Outside of work I love to run, read, and spend my free time with my beautiful family. If you ever need to bribe me, coffee and chocolate are the way to go!

Strand House, 169 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5DA 020 8546 6464