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FAQs – Physiotherapy

Who benefits from physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy treatment can help people of all ages to relieve pain and restore normal movement, allowing the body to function more efficiently. Normal posture and alignment can also be restored to prevent recurrence and to allow a speedy recovery.

What conditions can be treated?

Physiotherapists can treat almost all conditions which cause pain, weakness, stiffness and / or loss of movement.

What can I expect when I receive treatment?

Following a thorough assessment, we provide each person with a diagnosis of their condition; an individual treatment plan with approximate duration; and likely outcome. We discuss every stage with you. The treatment will be monitored and if necessary adjusted, to ensure that agreed and realistic outcomes can be achieved.

How many treatments will I need?

We do not have a set number of treatments for any condition – everyone is an individual. Following your first appointment the physiotherapist will discuss the anticipated number of treatments. You will be reassessed on each visit and if progress plateaus out or if no improvement seems apparent then your treatment will be altered accordingly or you will be referred to a specialist.

Will I be expected to do anything in between treatments?

We work with you to ensure your recovery is optimal and to minimise the chances of any relapse. Therefore, you will be given lots of things to think about and do during the week. Most people are given an exercise programme to be completed between appointments. What you do between treatments is just as important as your treatment.

Is physiotherapy treatment appropriate for back and neck problems?

Chartered Physiotherapists are qualified to treat all spinal problems. In fact, a large percentage of their workload consists of neck and back problems.

Can a physiotherapist manipulate?

Yes, all Chartered Physiotherapists with the appropriate postgraduate training can manipulate.

Is it correct that heat and ice can be used to treat injuries?

They are useful in the correct circumstances. Your physiotherapist will advise you on when and how to use these for your condition.

Should I stop my sports activity if I have suffered an injury?

This largely depends on the nature of your condition and the sports activity in which you compete. Your physiotherapist will be able to advise you on this following your initial assessment.

How do I know if a physiotherapist is fully qualified?

All our Chartered Physiotherapists have undergone the required training and passed the necessary exams to enable them to practice. At Physio & More, we verify the qualifications of all our staff before allowing them to practice at the clinic. When you know the name of your physiotherapist you can look up their registration on the HCPC website.

Strand House, 169 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5DA 020 8546 6464