Peter Donkin – Managing Director

  I’m a widely experienced healthcare and business manager. During my career I made a smooth transition from clinical team lead to director, leading both management and clinical teams. I’ve worked in all sorts of fields but the one I love most is rehabilitation and injury recovery. I’m dedicated and driven to achieve high standards and I believe fully in the provision of outstanding personally focused healthcare and am committed to delivering it. I also know that effective practitioners are the people who are skilled, motivated and up to date. There has been a big shift in healthcare over recent years to look at competance as opposed to the old measure of ‘years qualified’ which was a nonsense and had nothing to do with evidence based up to date practice. Thank goodness it has happened and I promise you that while some of our practitioners look young, they are all bang up to date and highly skilled. My main role within the company is business management and development, finances and costs. I welcome suggestions about improvement of the service offered by Physio & More, believing excellence can be improved upon.As a keen cyclist and gym user I understand the challenge and enjoyment an active life style can bring and how frustrating it can be when this is hindered by a “broken body”. I’ve had first hand experience of the patience and drive required to rehabilitate from major injury and how critical it is to access high levels of professional skill and dedication in order to achieve it.That same drive is now focused to ensure that the service you receive from Physio & More is excellent.