Here you can find some videos we have had made about treatment at the clinic. They are designed to give you an overview of the things we do and the treatments we use. As ever if you have questions please give us a call on 020 8546 6464.

The first video is an introduction to the clinic lasting just under three minutes, the voice overs are done by Carina Wong and Ben Wilde. You can watch it here.

The following videos are designed to give you a little more insight into the treatments and services we offer:

We offer Chiropractic Treatment at Physio & More. You can see some of the techniques used here.

Many people benefit from the use of dry needling or acupuncture which you can see here.

Taping is a commonly used technique too, see it here.

We are also pleased to offer Personal Fitness Training.

Sports massage offers great relief too, not only to athletes but to anyone who spends too long at a PC or behind the wheel of a car or even carrying children around.