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Patello Femoral Joint Pain

The Patello Femoral joint refers to the articulation between the knee-cap and the long bone of your upper leg. This joint is highly mobile and helps to distribute load from the muscles to the bones. Its mobility depends on several factors such as muscle stability and balance, joint appearance and forces directed to the knee. Pain in this joint is likely to be a combination of the latter. In runners it is common and especially in the athlete with poor balance between the muscles.   

The pain in this joint will be either acute with a sudden movement while running or may have a gradual onset and worsen over time. It is activity dependent therefore periods of less intense training may reduce your symptoms. However, an increase in your training load again may result in the recurrence of this issue.

Examination aims to identify weakness, body alignment and technique as well as other contributing factors that result to this pathology. A structured assessment may show underlying weakness in the gluteal muscles and potential hyperactivity in adductor muscles and hip flexors. In addition, a technique analysis may reveal a running style that will predispose you to this pathology.


The management of the patellofemoral joint pain will be conservative with specific physiotherapy techniques aiming to relieve the symptoms. Secondly the rehabilitation will continue, aiming to prevent recurrence of the pain addressing potential contributing factors that have been identified from the examination.

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