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James Barwell Physiotherapist

James Barwell – Senior Physiotherapist

Since I graduated in 2014 in Cape Town, I started my career working for the national health service, where I had various jobs treating a variety of people and conditions. During that time, I was lucky enough to tour with the South African mixed martial arts team to the ISKA World Championship as the National Physiotherapist.

I grew up in a very competitive sporting environment which lead to me competing at elite levels in both rugby and tennis. I struggled with injury which caused an early retirement from competitive sport, which strangely enough ignited my passion for the body and its capabilities. I have also been a tennis coach since I was a teenager and has given me insight into motor learning and biomechanics. This helped immensely in my physiotherapy career. Since leaving the national health service, I have worked in private practice where I focused on long term rehabilitation and musculoskeletal injuries. Clinically, I have assessed and treated patients from of all ages from young to old.

After moving over to the UK, I started touring with a junior international tennis player as his physiotherapist and tennis coach. My main focus was on muscle balancing, injury prevention, recovery and of course turning him into the next Federer. Since we travelled so regularly and spent so much time in different places, I have worked with some very skilled professionals in the tennis world, from some of the best physiotherapists, sports and conditioning trainers to pro tennis coaches.  This led to a deep understanding of the mechanisms of injuries, effective ways to prevent injury, keep strong and healthy while maintaining a positive proactive mindset. In my practice, my patient specific approach, biomechanics and manual therapy skills will find the root cause and keep the problem from reoccurring.  

Strand House, 169 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5DA 020 8546 6464