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Rehabilitation after Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Pain

Choosing to or requiring knee replacement surgery is not something that you will have undertaken lightly. Finding the right surgeon is of extreme importance and equally finding the right rehabilitation package after surgery is critical. Without the correct rehabilitation your recovery may take longer than you would like or you may not derive the full benefit and improvement you should from your surgery.

At Physio & More we have expertise in rehabilitation following knee surgery and a programme which has been proven to work in almost all cases. The programme is customised to work at your speed and to ensure you are functioning fully in the shortest possible timescale.

Our aims are:
To get your muscles working again after surgery as quickly as possible preventing atrophy
To control swelling
To increase the effectiveness of early mobilisation after surgery
To accelerate recovery
To get you fit as quickly as possible.

To do this we make use of some or all of the following treatments:

CompryCool – a tool we have which provides cold compression to the affected area controlling and reducing swelling which in turn makes normal movement easier
Compex Muscle Stimulation – a tool we use that gets your muscles working again quickly without you having to do too much work initially
Physiotherapy – hands on input to work on restoring your range of movement and get you exercising normally

To do this we offer input starting at the earliest possible point after your surgery and at least six hours of input in the first two weeks and then ten sessions over the following eight weeks to help you build strength and fitness.

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Strand House, 169 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5DA 020 8546 6464