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Scapular/ Thoracic Dyskinesia

Scapular and thoracic dyskinesia are common findings in athletic and non-athletic individuals. Scapula dyskinesia, means that the mobility of shoulder blade is not ideal and is a very commonly observed phenomenon which does not correlate with pain. In addition, thoracic dyskinesia refers to the phenomenon where the upper back is not mobile enough or has areas that are stiff. Both of the latter phenomena can be present without affecting individuals’ function or pain levels. However, in basketball, restriction will lead to overload of other areas due to the training frequency and volume. The common problems which arise from scapular or thoracic dyskinesia will be shoulder impingement which will then restrict athletes ability to compete.

Examination will reveal weakness or stiffness in the muscles surrounding the shoulder blade leading to a non-symmetric shoulder blade movement. The upper back will not be mobile and this can be visible through some additional testing. Shoulder function will also be assessed, as shoulder pain can lead to scapular dyskinesia.


The management will include a hands-on and progressive exercise routine that will allow for an optimal length and strength relationship between the muscles.

Strand House, 169 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5DA 020 8546 6464