Sean Roche – Senior Physiotherapist

I started my physiotherapy career working in a private hospital in Essex as an orthopaedic physiotherapist. This allowed me to guide patients through their pre-op expectations as well as assist them in their post-op recovery on the ward. Here I developed expertise in the rehabilitation from a number of surgeries including spinal surgery, total hip and knee replacements, ACL reconstructions as well as a multitude of shoulder, foot and hand surgeries. Working in the hospitals outpatient setting I was able to bring patients through to full recovery from surgery, while also seeing a variety of other clients with both chronic and acute injuries. I am always keen to understand how an injury can affect a client’s quality of life or sport and explain how the recovery process can allow them to return to the activities they enjoy.

I have also worked previously in private practice involving varied caseloads, allowing me to assist patient’s recovery from long term chronic issues, neuro-physiological conditions through to sporting injuries. Treatments I deliver that aid in the process of this recovery include acupuncture, manual therapies, tailored exercise programs adhering to kinetic link principles and supportive taping.

My aim is to make you better and if possible for you to return at a higher level than pre-injury. I achieve this through actively listening to you and your needs, working with you to achieve your goals and using the most current evidence based practice in physiotherapy. So regardless of your sporting level I will guide you through your rehabilitation.