Above and beyond the call of duty.

Location – Very easy to find. Front Desk – Extremely polite and caring. Toilet – Very clean. Refreshments – Very good. Experience with Zane – Being a Lawyer I come across many people and have to say that Zane is one of the most professional people I have dealt with. He displays an excellent knowledge of his chosen field and manages to explain it in plain English. Also a great bedside manner and no inappropriate/annoying chat. Only positive conversations about life, health etc. He also went above and beyond the call of duty when he realised the treatment wasn’t working in that he didn’t give up on me. He used his own unpaid time to research my complaint and fed this back to me. He also encouraged me to investigate the complaint further which lead to me receiving important shoulder surgery much quicker than I would have received it had I not consulted him. He always followed up when he promised to do so. More importantly he actually proved he cared more about resolving my complaint rather than continuing treatment which was only providing temporary relief. Thanks to Zane’s efforts I have finally (after a year of pain) discovered the cause of my complaint and have taken the necessary action to resolve it. Future – I would have no problem in recommending Zane and P & M to anyone. Many thanks, Zane for everything you have done for me. I will keep in touch and let you know how my recovery goes!