Absolutely recommed Physio & More

Absolutely recommended. I am 31, work 9-5 on a computer and play a lot of sports. I sustained an injury to my neck and shoulders area, to a point where I could not turn my neck, drive, sit or sleep. I was very sceptical about physiotherapists and believed in self-healing… until I walked into Physio & More. I was pleasantly surprised at the high level of hospitality and professionalism at Physio & More. Not only did they fix me up but they took their time in explaining to me what has happened to my body. I also complained about a slight lower back pain which I have had for 10 years+, and that was taken care of too. After my first appointment, I felt better but furthermore I received an e-mail the very next day from the practitioner himself asking how I was doing and sent me some helpful advice. This was very impressive. So after a few weeks of progressive treatments I am back to normal. Thank you very much Ben and Peter. I will be sure to make regular visits for the sports massages. It’s the missing key to my routine.