After major injury Physio & More got me better.

A few years ago I sustained a spinal cord injury, followed by a slipped disc and sciatica which caused me extreme pain and discomfort. I had some acupuncture which helped to a great extent but I realised there were other issues going on within my body that needed to be looked at by a specialist. Horrified after the NHS told me the waiting list was 8 months long to see someone I decided to go private – the best choice I ever made.

The treatment I received was personalised to my injuries and the frequency of my visits to the chiropractor were gradually reduced from twice a week to once in 6 weeks as I got better. The exercises I was given helped incredibly which are also worked out to specifically target those areas, muscles, joints that are/were injured in my body. Later on strengthening exercises were added. I also got very useful advice on which position is the best for me to sleep and how to get out of bed seemingly unrelated but come to think of it makes a really big difference for the better. When I don’t have time to do the exercises I don’t feel that great & some of the pain comes back, so now I live my very busy life so that no matter what I do the exercises because there is no point on cheating on myself and blame the chiropractor but he’ll know anyway- that’s why he is a professional. Now thanks I can function like a normal human being again! Thank you!