As a physio, I know an excellent one when I meet them.

Being a physiotherapist, it’s not easy to approach another physio for treatment so though I had heard that treatment at Physio & More was good I was nervous when I went along when referred by a consultant. My injury was not simple, if it had been, I would have treated myself but it wasn’t possible. What I heard about treatment at Physio & More was understated, it wasn’t good, it was absolutely excellent. Ben Wilde is the most thorough, professional, kind and caring man. He is also very modest and understates how able he is but as a physio, I saw his expertise, I’m ashamed to say I will never be that good. When he was uncertain, he asked for a second opinion and additional advice on treatment. The advice only confirmed he was right. The whole team gave me a great welcome, nothing is a problem to them and all they were concerned about was my improvement. If you need physio, this is where to go, don’t even think about looking elsewhere.