Professional, they know their stuff.

I had serious neck and shoulder pain for nine weeks when I went to Physio & More, I had been to two other physiotherapists locally who had charged me a lot of money and not made a bit of difference. Then I was told by my neighbour to try Physio & More. I know when I first called them I was grumpy and unpleasant and just expecting to spend more money for nothing and when I first went there I wasn’t much better but you try living with neck pain for nine weeks. At my first appointment I was thoroughly examined by a physiotherapist who, because I had had pain and no improvment for so long then asked a colleague to come and check his conclusions. I was there for over two hours checked by both of them and they agreed on what was wrong. They still only charged me for a single appointment. Six weeks later and some very painful treatment later I’m fine. These people are thorough and the best in the business. They are, as others say professional, polite and friendly but most important of all, they know their stuff and get you sorted out when others fail. If you need physiotherapy, this is where you should go.