Thank you!

My symptoms have now completely cleared – not quite as fast as they arose, but quite fast indeed.  Special thanks go to Richard for his care and treatment on my two visits.  Richard was excellent in his analysis of my complaint and in the treatment.  While not identifying exactly the cause of my complaint, as neither did 3 doctors and 2 radiologists, Richard treated the symptoms very successfully and I am sure accelerated my recovery by several days – on the initial treatment he was successful in removing the excruciating pain that I had been suffering for 3 days.  While the pain did subsequently resume after about 5 hours, it was much less intense. After the second treatment the pain has not returned and I am now symptom free.

Should I ever again require the assistance of a physio, I will certainly call on The Physio and More team and both my wife and I will be quick to recommend you to any friends who may require the need of physiotherapy.

John H.