They are a fantastic team.

The team at Physio & More have transformed me from a sedentary mum with serious shoulder and back pains to a fit, active and healthy one. Ben sorted out my shoulder and back problems in no time – he diagnosed and sorted the symptoms in a matter of weeks and now the actual cause (posture, mobility, strength, etc.) is being addressed in both pilates and personal training at the studio, all overseen by Ben. The pilates teacher, Simon, is brilliant. I do both mat classes as well as one-on-one classes on the reformer with him and thoroughly enjoy both. Sally (Kettle, yes, THE Sally Kettle who rowed across the Atlantic…TWICE!) is in charge of my personal training and has managed to turn me from someone who didn’t want to run for a bus into someone who ran in a 10k race a few weekends ago. All sessions, classes as well as physio sessions are professional but also good fun. We really focus on improving weak points as well as my general fitness and we have a good laugh trying to achieve this. I cannot recommend Physio & More highly enough. They are a fantastic team.