Thank you!

My symptoms have now completely cleared - not quite as fast as they arose, but quite fast indeed.  Special thanks go to Richard for his care and treatment on my two visits.  Richard was excellent in his analysis of my complaint and in the treatment.  While not identifying exactly the cause of my complaint, as neither did 3 doctors and 2 radiologists, Richard treated the symptoms very successfully and I am sure accelerated my recovery by several days - on the initial treatment he was successful in removing the excruciating pain that I had been suffering for 3 days.  While the pain did subsequently resume after about 5 hours, it was much less intense. After the second treatment the pain has not returned and I am now symptom free.

Should I ever again require the assistance of a physio, I will certainly call on The Physio and More team and both my wife and I will be quick to recommend you to any friends who may require the need of physiotherapy.

John H.

Totally professional service.

I called this place when I had serious back pain. I was offered an appointment later the same day and when I got there I was very impressed with the care and professionalism of the people I met. I had six sessions of treatment in all and at the end was better than I was before the problem started. Costs are very fair, the place is smart and clean. Highly recommended.

William Welsh

The best for miles around

In pain I needed to see a physiotherapist. From the website this place looked the best around both for the facilities and the calibre of the staff. I was not disappointed. I was offered an appointment the same day. On arrival I was greeted and put at my ease. The physiotherapist I saw was thorough, professional and friendly. Five visits in all sorted out my problem with my shoulder and my treatment throughout was excellent. Pricing is excellent for what you get and I would thoroughly recommend this place.


Phil Earle

Excellent from beginning to end.

From beginning to end the service here is exceptional. I'm a runner and was in pain with a knee injury. I'd been advised that this was the place to go by a member of my running club and I wasn't disappointed. Booking an appointment was easy, helped by a very friendly receptionist. The physio I saw was excellent and very thorough and explained exactly why my injury had come about, how it was going to be fixed and what needed to happen. I had an exercise programme to follow on line which was really helpful. I felt they were with me every step of the way. I'm back running now and stronger than ever thanks to the excellent team here who I cannot recommend too highly.

Hilary James

Excellent, I'm like a new man.

Physio & More have been excellent to me since day one. I came in with foot pains that no one else had been able to diagnose and after an initial consultation with Marie she found the cause of the problem but better still she was able to give me a range of exercises and stretches to make sure the problem does not come back. Under Marie's expert help I have gone from not being able to run for more than 5 minutes in pain to being able to run for more than an hour and being rid of the pains I had before.

I would recommend Physio & More to anyone who has any aches and pains or worse, or to anyone who just wishes to improve there lifestyle and health.

5 star.

Simon Patton

They are a fantastic team.

The team at Physio & More have transformed me from a sedentary mum with serious shoulder and back pains to a fit, active and healthy one. Ben sorted out my shoulder and back problems in no time - he diagnosed and sorted the symptoms in a matter of weeks and now the actual cause (posture, mobility, strength, etc.) is being addressed in both pilates and personal training at the studio, all overseen by Ben. The pilates teacher, Simon, is brilliant. I do both mat classes as well as one-on-one classes on the reformer with him and thoroughly enjoy both. Sally (Kettle, yes, THE Sally Kettle who rowed across the Atlantic...TWICE!) is in charge of my personal training and has managed to turn me from someone who didn't want to run for a bus into someone who ran in a 10k race a few weekends ago. All sessions, classes as well as physio sessions are professional but also good fun. We really focus on improving weak points as well as my general fitness and we have a good laugh trying to achieve this. I cannot recommend Physio & More highly enough. They are a fantastic team.


Great Pilates

Physio & More is an excellent place to go, I've been going to Pilates for about six months and I've done Pilates in other places for years. The classes are taken by a teacher called Simon and he is the most skilled teacher I've ever met. Classes are small and well worth the cost compared to other places I've been, the studio is lovely and is so bright and clean, all the equipment is provided. I really think I have made very good progress in the time I've been going to Physio & More. The classes are hard but good fun and most enjoyable. The other people I've seen there are also so helpful and kind, Carina and Peter in particular, nothing is ever a problem. If I needed any of the other services they offer I would have absolute confidence in them to help me when I needed it. If you want to join a class or need some physiotherapy treatment then this is the place to go.

Jane B

Excellent from beginning to end.

The experience of going to Physio & More is excellent from beginning to end. When you make an appointment they are polite, courteous and helpful explaining anything you need them to and most helpful with sorting out health insurance claims. The welcome on arrival is warm and friendly and the reception area comfortable, it's also well supplied with tea, coffee and magazines which are all the latest editions. My problems were complicated and Ben who is a physiotherapist worked together with Nick who is a Chiropractor to get me sorted out. They are both caring professionals who do not rest until they have a solution to a problem, they also called me after treatments to see how I was progressing. I felt safe and so well cared for by both of them. I don't know anywhere else where physiotherapists and chiropractors will work together like they do at Physio & More. I really can't recommend them enough, if you have a problem give them a call, you won't be disappointed.

Pauline T

Brilliant Practice

Brilliant, integrated practice where they offer physio, sports massage, personal training, pilates and a lot more. Really nice, modern space with excellent equipment. I am enrolled on one of their pilates classes. I have done pilates for a while and it's always difficult to change teacher but this teacher is great. The sessions are really good and work all the muscle groups but with some humour as well which makes it all very relaxed (although you work hard, don't get me wrong!) I would definitely recommend Physio and More!


Above and beyond the call of duty.

Location - Very easy to find. Front Desk - Extremely polite and caring. Toilet - Very clean. Refreshments - Very good. Experience with Zane - Being a Lawyer I come across many people and have to say that Zane is one of the most professional people I have dealt with. He displays an excellent knowledge of his chosen field and manages to explain it in plain English. Also a great bedside manner and no inappropriate/annoying chat. Only positive conversations about life, health etc. He also went above and beyond the call of duty when he realised the treatment wasn't working in that he didn’t give up on me. He used his own unpaid time to research my complaint and fed this back to me. He also encouraged me to investigate the complaint further which lead to me receiving important shoulder surgery much quicker than I would have received it had I not consulted him. He always followed up when he promised to do so. More importantly he actually proved he cared more about resolving my complaint rather than continuing treatment which was only providing temporary relief. Thanks to Zane's efforts I have finally (after a year of pain) discovered the cause of my complaint and have taken the necessary action to resolve it. Future - I would have no problem in recommending Zane and P & M to anyone. Many thanks, Zane for everything you have done for me. I will keep in touch and let you know how my recovery goes!


After major injury Physio & More got me better.

A few years ago I sustained a spinal cord injury, followed by a slipped disc and sciatica which caused me extreme pain and discomfort. I had some acupuncture which helped to a great extent but I realised there were other issues going on within my body that needed to be looked at by a specialist. Horrified after the NHS told me the waiting list was 8 months long to see someone I decided to go private - the best choice I ever made.

The treatment I received was personalised to my injuries and the frequency of my visits to the chiropractor were gradually reduced from twice a week to once in 6 weeks as I got better. The exercises I was given helped incredibly which are also worked out to specifically target those areas, muscles, joints that are/were injured in my body. Later on strengthening exercises were added. I also got very useful advice on which position is the best for me to sleep and how to get out of bed seemingly unrelated but come to think of it makes a really big difference for the better. When I don’t have time to do the exercises I don’t feel that great & some of the pain comes back, so now I live my very busy life so that no matter what I do the exercises because there is no point on cheating on myself and blame the chiropractor but he'll know anyway- that’s why he is a professional. Now thanks I can function like a normal human being again! Thank you!


Professional, I'd recommend them to anyone.

After suffering exercise related pain in my hip and lower back, I received treatment from Physio & More that helped alleviate the pain almost immediately. The care was always excellent and I was pleased to be feeling better so quickly. I was able to resume my regular exercise routine without any further pain. I found the whole experience professional and caring and would recommend them to anyone.

Kate R

The best chiropractor there is!

In January of 2011 I started having bad stiffness and constant pain in my shoulder and down my right arm to the extent that I found it very hard to sleep and I was in agony in my desk job. My partner had been to see a chiropractor for lower back pain with good results and suggested I try it out. The person I saw was very thorough and professional in his examination and explained the cause of the problem to me in terms that were very easy to understand. I then began treatment for what was a vertebrae issue causing nerve pinching in my neck. I had relief from pain within a day of the first treatment and long term relief after 2-3 months. Knowing my sister has had the same issue and has had to have spinal surgery to solve it, I am happy to say that I am now 5 months down the line, the pain is gone and I literally have got my life back. Thank you!


Much more thorough than other chiros.

While most chiros I've seen have listened for the first 5 mins of contact then proceeded to treat only with a formulaic manipulation regime thereafter, Zane starts a step at a time assessing my condition and adapting his treatment technique to address each malady that I have brought his way. I wouldn't go anywhere else.


Very thorough Chiropractic treatment

I had a 1st appointment at this clinic yesterday. It's really convenient and easy to get to - just a few minutes walk from Kingston station. The premises are really nice - some clinics around this area are a bit tired and shabby, this one is really smart and clean, lovely reception area with plenty of magazines and hot drinks available while you wait. The staff are all very helpful and friendy. I saw a chiropractor and the appointment was very thorough - going over medical history etc before any treatment was discussed. Then some manipulation around the problem area in my neck and it felt a good bit better quite quickly. Back again next week to make sure progiress continues - although chiropractic treatment can be a bit unnerving if you've never tried it, I swear by it after years of neck pain and tension - money well spent.

Mary C

Professional, they know their stuff.

I had serious neck and shoulder pain for nine weeks when I went to Physio & More, I had been to two other physiotherapists locally who had charged me a lot of money and not made a bit of difference. Then I was told by my neighbour to try Physio & More. I know when I first called them I was grumpy and unpleasant and just expecting to spend more money for nothing and when I first went there I wasn’t much better but you try living with neck pain for nine weeks. At my first appointment I was thoroughly examined by a physiotherapist who, because I had had pain and no improvment for so long then asked a colleague to come and check his conclusions. I was there for over two hours checked by both of them and they agreed on what was wrong. They still only charged me for a single appointment. Six weeks later and some very painful treatment later I’m fine. These people are thorough and the best in the business. They are, as others say professional, polite and friendly but most important of all, they know their stuff and get you sorted out when others fail. If you need physiotherapy, this is where you should go.


John M

Excellent treatment, professional people.

Excellent treatment from the most professional and friendly people. From when I first called, I was confident I had booked an appointment at the right place. When I arrived I was treated with courtesy by everyone and the treatment I had was excellent. Pricing is very fair for outstanding service. Thanks to all at Physio & More.


Jane H

Great personal training at Physio & More

I’ve been going to Physio & More for ten months, originally I went for physio and saw Ben who is excellent and I still see him from time to time when I need to. His attention to detail and ability to get to the root of the problem are amazing, he’s very skilled and talented. More often I do personal training with Craig. He knows a thing or two about fitness and while I was pretty fit to start with I’ve changed a lot with his help and what’s more, he makes sessions great fun. I give these guys five stars every time; they and the whole team are great.


I'm better than I ever thought I could be.

Following a major accident I needed a long and extensive rehabilitation programme. I was recommended to approach Ben Wilde and told that he was the best physiotherapist for miles around. All I can say is that months later my recovery is far better than I could have ever imagined it would be. I am strong and able to move without pain. He was the most thorough, professional, kind and charming man I could have wished to meet. He is also unassuming and brushes off compliments about his ability which is exceptional. The whole experience of going to Physio & More was five star from beginning to end, all the team are pleasant people and nothing is a problem to them. If you need treatment don’t look anywhere else.

As a physio, I know an excellent one when I meet them.

Being a physiotherapist, it’s not easy to approach another physio for treatment so though I had heard that treatment at Physio & More was good I was nervous when I went along when referred by a consultant. My injury was not simple, if it had been, I would have treated myself but it wasn’t possible. What I heard about treatment at Physio & More was understated, it wasn’t good, it was absolutely excellent. Ben Wilde is the most thorough, professional, kind and caring man. He is also very modest and understates how able he is but as a physio, I saw his expertise, I’m ashamed to say I will never be that good. When he was uncertain, he asked for a second opinion and additional advice on treatment. The advice only confirmed he was right. The whole team gave me a great welcome, nothing is a problem to them and all they were concerned about was my improvement. If you need physio, this is where to go, don’t even think about looking elsewhere.


My recovery was quicker than I expected.

I had noticed Physio & More from the bus and so when I had problems with my shoulder it seemed worth giving them a try as it was conveniently situated and, I discovered, had long opening hours which meant I was able to book appointments when it was best for me. I have found all the staff to be attentive and helpful. Apart from the sessions – which did the job quicker than I expected – what I appreciated were the clear instructions for exercises and the support offered.

Gabriel F

I cannot recommend Physio and More highly enough.

I cannot recommend Physio and More highly enough, when I slipped my disc in my back I was told I would never be able to play sport again, and having traipsed around many other physiotherapists for four years, able to do little exercise, I passed Physio and More on Richmond Road and thought I’d would see what they could offer me. In just 4 months i have improved leaps and bounds. Physio and More have a dedicated physiotherapists and an excellent support system from all the staff. More recently I have been struck down by a collapsed lung, which having been misdiagnosed by my doctor was picked up by my physio who sent me for a chest x-ray the next day. The support and care that I have received at Physio and More is above and beyond any other physiotherapist I have been to.


A pleasure to be treated at Physio & More

Fantastic experience here. The reception team have always been really friendly and welcoming each time I have visited. I have had the pleasure of being treated by a number of the practitioners (for various injuries!) and all have provided rapid relief and offered ways in which I can prevent the problems from returning. I have sent a number of my family in for treatment too. Thanks gang.

Nicky J.

I could not be happier with Physio & More!

I could not be happier with Physio & More! I feel very lucky to have found a physio clinic that genuinely puts patients’ health and wellbeing at the heart of everything that they do. Ben Wilde has been helping me with complications with my back following surgery and I trust him and his opinion implicitly. He is an incredibly nice guy, extremely professional, knowledgeable and always suggesting new methods of treatment where something may not have worked. He is always available on email or the phone when I need him and I cannot recommend him or the whole team at Physio & More strongly enough to any potential client.

Simon Marsden

Absolutely recommed Physio & More

Absolutely recommended. I am 31, work 9-5 on a computer and play a lot of sports. I sustained an injury to my neck and shoulders area, to a point where I could not turn my neck, drive, sit or sleep. I was very sceptical about physiotherapists and believed in self-healing… until I walked into Physio & More. I was pleasantly surprised at the high level of hospitality and professionalism at Physio & More. Not only did they fix me up but they took their time in explaining to me what has happened to my body. I also complained about a slight lower back pain which I have had for 10 years+, and that was taken care of too. After my first appointment, I felt better but furthermore I received an e-mail the very next day from the practitioner himself asking how I was doing and sent me some helpful advice. This was very impressive. So after a few weeks of progressive treatments I am back to normal. Thank you very much Ben and Peter. I will be sure to make regular visits for the sports massages. It’s the missing key to my routine.

Irfan A

Ben Wilde is a magician!

I think it’s fair to say Ben is a magician with magical hands. After just one session my back felt better than it had in 8 years. After a motorcycle accident, years or running, bad posture I’d just got used to feeling tight, uncomfortable and having a constant dull ache. But since my sessions at Physio and More and taking part in their pilates classes I feel better than ever. I honestly can’t recommend them enough. The whole team, location and facilities are absolutely fantastic. Best find this year!

Kat J

My shoulder felt better after one appointment

Following two failed operations on my shoulder and months of physio that got me nowhere, I found a new consultant who operated twice to get me out of pain. I had previously gone to Physio companies in the City and struggled to find an adequate company near my home. Very luckily I came across Physio and More and am 100% happy with my treatments. Ben actually managed to make my shoulder feel better after just one appointment and my movement range is improving each week. In addition to the appointments, I also have a tailored programme to follow at home (videos sent via e-mail). Physio and More ensure that the treatment is in accordance with the instructions by the consultant to optimise results. Now that I have found the right physio company, I am looking forward to a very active and healthy future.

Brina K

Helpful, friendly and professional

I’m so much better since I went to Physio & More it’s amazing. I was badly injured and had seen another physiotherapist who told me a number of things about my condition which I found hard to accept. It sounded like I had an injury that just wasn’t going to get better. I asked around and several people told me that if anyone could help me it would be the team at Physio & More so I went along. Everyone in the team was so helpful, friendly and professional, it was like being treated in a different world and there was no doubt I was the centre of attention and getting treatment right for me was the most important thing and involving other specialists when they thought they needed to. I’m much better now and still improving. I almost don’t want to pick out anyone to say special thanks to because everyone was so good but the directors, Peter and Ben are exceptional, with them in charge, your treatment will be as good as it can get. If you need help, go to Physio & More.

Richard S

Fixed at Physio & More

Physio & More did what no physio I ever saw managed to do; locate my injury, fix it, and even build my conditioning back at the same time. Everyone in the building are more than welcoming, and the facilities are fantastic. My physiotherapist, Ben Wilde, has great enthusiasm and justified optimism. He got straight to work helping my issues through a personal training programme, complete with one-on-one pilates sessions and continuous check-ups. I now am pain-free, something I never would have thought possible only a few months ago. Anyone with a problem should consider Physio & More as their first stop.

Will P.

Professional Physiotherapy

Things are just so much better. I should just like to add that this has been my first experience of physiotherapy and it has been exceptionally good. The expertise and courtesy shown by Ben have been truly excellent – as has been the professionalism and efficiency of the clinic as a whole.

Susan Hart

Life changing physio

“7 years and 9 different physios on from my motorcycle accident I was still not able to run, partake in any sports and suffered daily knee pain. Ben Wilde’s expert technical guidance compounded with a genuine enthusiasm and positivity gave me the tools and inspiration I needed to heal; within three months of seeing Ben I was able to run, ski, play sport and live a pain free existence – he was a genuine life changer”.

Ben Moores

Outstanding physio treatment

At Physio & More, what you get is outstanding treatment from polite, professional, highly skilled and courteous people. I had high expectations going there and all I can say is that they exceeded them. I had seen Ben Wilde where he worked before (which wasn’t so good) but I knew that if he was involved in setting up a business the standard would be high, it’s not high, it’s stellar. Everyone I met was so polite, friendly and concerned for my well-being and improvement. Treatment from Ben was as ever superb and so well complimented by the whole experience of going to Physio & More. I can’t recommend the team there highly enough. If you need treatment, don’t pause for thought, give them a call and they will sort you out, nothing is a problem to these highly professional people.

Andy V

The best physios around here

Absolutely excellent treatment and service from Physio & More, they are just the best in the business. I’d been to other physios both private and NHS before with pain in my lower back that I’d had for years, none had fixed it for me. Someone had told me to go to Physio & More so I made an appointment but I was doubtful about getting mended. I was offered an appointment the same day as I called and made very welcome when I got there. I was very grumpy because of the pain but the staff were pleasant, professional and understanding. Like a few other people, I saw Ben, he’s amazing, there isn’t high enough praise for what this man can achieve, he got me out of pain and mended. He’s not gentle but that doesn’t matter, what he does works and quickly. He’s also very pleasant and highly professional. If you need treatment, go to Physio & More.

Peter J

They sorted out my neck pain after years.

Experienced back/neck pain for years. Went to an NHS physio, who rushed through my treatment and did not alleviate the pain. So I sought private Physio treatment at Physio & More. An excellent choice – the personal care and attention is excellent, the facilities clean and Ben identified and cured my injury very quickly. He has given me confidence in using a range of movement I have not had for years. Reassuring to know the after care is there too should the injury resurface. Highly recommended – these guys are very experienced and knowledgeable.


In pain, I needed an immediate appointment and got one.

Physio & More go way beyond expectations in terms of treatment. I called them when I had back pain and got an appointment for the same day. When I got there, I was greeted by a very friendly lady who welcomed me and reassured me, she even made me a coffee while I filled in a registration form. I saw a physiotherapist called Ben who was polite, professional and very friendly. I was a bit nervous but put me at my ease immediately. He took my medical history, examined me carefully and then started to treat me. He was gentle, kind and considerate throughout. I began to feel better almost straightaway. He taped up my back for a few days and that made me feel so much better and he sent me a programme of exercises to do between appointments, this was clever as it came as an email so I could do it anywhere and I couldn’t lose it either. I had four more appointments with Ben, every time I went to the clinic I was made to feel welcome by friendly people, Ben’s treatment of me was excellent. I’ve seen physiotherapists before but none anything like as good as he is, when I first met him, I thought he looked a bit too young to know much but appearances can be deceptive, he is a very clever man and an expert in his field. The clinic is smart, bright and clean. The fees are more than fair for the treatment you get, in fact, I expected to pay rather more and would have been happy to because at Physio & More I got quick results in getting rid of my pain, I got an appointment the day I called and I felt everyone I met took exceptional care of me. If you need treatment, this is where you should go.


Professional from beginning to end

I can’t praise Physio & More highly enough. From first contact on the phone until my treatment was complete and my injury sorted out they were the most friendly and highly professional team of people I can imagine. The clinic is smart, bright and clean, the welcome warm on every occasion and the physiotherapist I saw was way beyond my expectation in terms of good, thorough, highly professional and friendly.

The fees are more than fair for the treatment you get, there may be places that are a bit cheaper but as always, you get what you pay for and I’ve been to one of the other places that charges a little less and there I got a lot less in the way of treatment, in fact, looking back, the other clinic barely treated me at all. In short, excellent professional treatment which is excellent value for money. If you need treatment, this is the place to go.


David G

Excellent beyond expectation

Excellent treatment beyond expectations. I’ve been treated at Physio & More for an injury. The clinic has to be the smartest one in the area, bright and clean. The welcome you receive is warm and friendly and the physiotherapist I saw was highly professional, kind, caring and concerned. I can’t say the treatment was too pleasant but it did make me better pretty quickly. I was given an exercise programme to follow between treatments that was emailed to me and I was able to follow it with ease, it explained exactly what I needed to do. The fees are more than fair for the treatment you receive and the standard of care you get. I can’t recommend Physio & More highly enough.

Paul D

Very professional treatment

I’ve just been treated at Physio & More, they are brilliant. I had been in pain for a few days when I decided to make an appointment. I called a couple of other places first and was unimpressed then I called Physio & More and from the moment the phone was answered I knew I had called the right place. I got an appointment for later the same day and given my pain, it couldn’t have come soon enough. The man who greeted me on arrival was very friendly and he put me at my ease very quickly (turns out he’s one of the directors!) and I waited in a very comfortable chair to be seen, I was already sure I had made the right choice of places to come. The physio I saw was also one of the directors, he was extremely professional and thorough but very friendly with it. He listened carefully to all I had to tell him then he was very thorough in his examination of me. He started some treatment that wasn’t too pleasant but it made me feel much better almost straight away. I was given the most clever programme of exercises to do at home sent to my computer which showed me exactly what to do for each exercise. I had several more treatments always greeted and treated in the most friendly and professional way. The directors are obviously very hands on in the company and it shows, superb facilities and treatment. If you need help, go to Physio & More, you won’t go wrong I promise.


Excellent Physiotherapy

I’ve been here to see a physio on a number of occasions. The situation on the main road between Kingston and Richmond is great and easy to get to. When I called to make a first appointment, the call was answered promptly and a very friendly person took my details and made an appointment within 24 hours, that was great as I was in pain. When I arrived, I was greeted by name and waited in a comfortable reception area for my appointment. I was seen on time by a very professional physio who listened carefully to everything I said and he then did the most thorough assessment. When I first saw him, I thought he was too young to know much. Once in the room with him, it took me about fifteen minutes to realise that he was an expert and it was easy to trust him. I was much better after one appointment than at the beginning. It took me about three more visits to improve and get back to normal and I’m now fine. I can’t recommend Physio & More highly enough, if you need a physio, you will have to go a very long way to find better. I’ve been to a few other physios in the area, none rate beside Physio & More either in terms of facilities or friendly professional staff.


Rehabilitation after an accident.

Following a major accident I needed a long and extensive rehabilitation programme. I was recommended to approach Ben Wilde and told that he was the best physiotherapist for miles around. All I can say is that months later my recovery is far better than I could have ever imagined it would be. I am strong and able to move without pain. He was the most thorough, professional, kind and charming man I could have wished to meet. He is also unassuming and brushes off compliments about his ability which is exceptional. The whole experience of going to Physio & More was five star from beginning to end, all the team are pleasant people and nothing is a problem to them. If you need treatment don't look anywhere else.

Simon P

Good for physio and personal training and I'm much better

I've been going to Physio & More for ten months, originally I went for physio and saw Ben who is excellent and I still see him from time to time when I need to. His attention to detail and ability to get to the root of the problem are amazing, he's very skilled and talented. More often I do personal training with Michael. He knows a thing or two about fitness and while I was pretty fit to start with I've changed a lot with his help and what's more, he makes sessions great fun. I give these guys five stars every time; they and the whole team are great.


Great treatment following a fall

I cannot thank Ben, Peter and the staff at Physio & More enough for helping to rehabilitate my wife after she fell on the ice in December on Richmond Road. From the fall she sustained a proximal humerus fracture a week before Xmas, and with 2 children under 3, we knew it was going to be difficult period. The appointment at the hospital for physio was booked for 6 weeks after the fall so we went into Physio & More to see what physio we could receive privately. First of all, they had Tim Krabbe, 'The Rider', as reading material on the coffee table. Good first impression. Secondly, they were not at all pushy on the sales front and were practical in their advice and sessions they recommended. Thirdly, the facilities were impressive and the staff we met were high calibre. My wife has been going for physio for 2 months now and the improvement has been incredible, not only from a physical perspective, but from a mental one as well. Her main goal was to be able to lift up our 9 month year old baby, and she can now do that. Ben has also written her a recovery programme and given her exercises to do outside of the studio. I seldom write reviews, but Physio & More have excelled and exceeded expectations. Thank-you.

Jamie J