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Using Health Insurance


Physio & More is recognised by leading health insurance companies and we are able to treat you and settle your account with the insurance company directly if their logo appears in the bar above in almost all cases.

Health Insurance for Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Treatments

If you are insured with another company you can almost certainly still be treated at Physio & More and you will be able to claim the cost of your treatment from your insurer directly.  In this case, we will provide you with a receipt for your payment and the insurance company will reimburse you directly. Most do this quickly and within two weeks is normal.

Using Health Insurance:

The processes of the companies are different but all require that you seek a referral from your GP or Consultant before they will authorise treatment. Once they authorise treatment they will give you an authorisation number. The contact number for your insurance company will be in the policy information you have; the companies often have different contact numbers for different types of policy.

If you wish us to invoice the insurance company directly we will need the authorisation number, your policy number and if the policy is a corporate one the group number. When claiming on health insurance the liability to meet the costs remains yours until all costs are settled. To that end if you wish the company to claim on your behalf we require that you complete a payment card mandate to guarantee payment. Further details of this are on the form you will see in the clinic. If you are unwilling to complete that mandate you will need to make your own claim directly with your insurer.

If you are calling either AXA or BUPA to seek authorisation for treatment you will need our provider number which is:

AXA ZZ02077 – Physiotherapy or Chiropractic

BUPA 80010537 – Physiotherapy only

If calling either AXA or BUPA to seek authorisation, please say you want to be treated at Physio & More rather than name the person who is treating you, neither company retains a list of our team members and they will not be able to find the company on the basis of the practitioners’ name.

Please be aware that not all companies will cover all treatments e.g. AXA will cover physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopath treatments, BUPA cover physiotherapy only. All appointments when using AXA or BUPA policies are of thirty minutes duration for other insurers they may be longer if there is a clinical need for an appointment of different duration.

If you have any questions please call us on 020 8546 6464 or call your health insurance company directly.

Please be aware that unless you have authorisation from your health insurance provider we will expect you to pay the cost in full of your treatment at the time. We will provide you with a receipt with which you can attempt to claim the cost of the appointment from them but please be aware that not all health insurance companies will repay the full cost and in particular AXA and BUPA may reimburse you at a lower rate than the standard cost of the appointment when you do not have authorisation. It is therefore in your own interest to seek authorisation in advance of treatment.

Health Insurance ‘Intermediaries’

In recent years there has been a rise in the number of companies setting themselves up as intermediaries in the health insurance sector. They are neither insurers nor providers of health care. What they aim to do is to ‘manage’ treatment which practitioners such as physiotherapists provide.

If you have corporate health insurance policy it is possible that your employer has such an arrangement in place.

The approach of the intermediaries is usually to large companies that offer health insurance as a staff benefit and the intermediary offers to reduce the cost of health insurance to the company. In the world in which we live often driven by corporate greed that sounds attractive, the staff benefit remains but the cost of it is reduced, staff see no difference to their benefit until they try to use it but in reality that is about 5% of staff in any given year. Generally these intermediaries sign up on the basis of a share of the savings made so it is in their best financial interests to restrict or deny you treatment as then they generate greater income for themselves.

Their approach is to make it difficult for treatment to be authorised in the first place and when it is to make it difficult for it to continue to a satisfactory conclusion for both the patient and the practitioner. One for instance states that they only cover treatment until the patient achieves a 65% recovery and after that the patient is expected to ‘self-manage’ the remainder of their recovery. The way they do this is to require an onerous level of reporting by the treating practitioner and in some cases they require a written report after every session. What happens to these reports is far from transparent and none of the companies will state the qualifications of those undertaking the reviews of reports; anecdotal evidence suggests that the reviewers are often not qualified practitioners and have no real expertise in the field. Needless to say the intermediaries do not pay for the reports they require which require a significant period of time to complete. After some time you are told you may or may not have a further session of treatment, reasons are never given for refusal. This level of intervention is not helpful to either the patient or the practitioner and almost invariably the practitioner or their company is in the firing line from both sides when things do not work as well as they should when in fact they are not to blame as the process is set up to deny and restrict treatment.

We took a decision some time ago to stop working with intermediaries. We have a strong team of practitioners who are at the top of the field and our company is respected for expertise in the areas in which we work. We do not need to waste our time writing additional reports to ensure that people get the treatment they need for a full recovery and we will not participate in corporate game playing where a benefit is provided that is progressively more useless and we, not they, look like the bad guys because you are not getting all you need.

Strand House, 169 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5DA 020 8546 6464